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Transaction's Fees

Value Added Tax
The imposition of VAT 23% applies to properties whose construction permit was issued from 1 January 2006 . The tax liability becomes payable on the date of signing of the final contract . The vendor shall submit the statements provided by law to the competent tax office . Exempt from VAT beneficiaries obtain primary residence , is only valid for Greek citizens and the European Union . The real estate transactions subject to VAT not subject to a transaction fee and estate tax based on Law 3427/2005 , Chapter A.

Tax surcharges Cruise
This tax is levied on vendors of property and levied on the difference between the acquisition cost of the property and the sale value of the property or right in rem that . And of course he paid the tax before the signing of the relevant contract .

The amount of the tax rates are inversely proportional to the time remaining on the transferred property to the debtor in property tax vendor. Thus, the tax rate shall be 20 % if the transferred property remained in the ownership of the seller for a period of up to five years after the acquisition. Ie within the first five years sell his property will pay the price difference there is a 20% , because it can not exist, 10% if the transferred property remained in the ownership of the seller for a period longer than five years up to 15 years . If someone that is within the first 15 years sell the property after five years, however , it has 10 % of the price difference .

And is 5 % if the transferred property remained in the ownership of the seller for a period exceeding 15 years , up to 25 years . If the transferred property remained in the ownership of the seller for a period of more than 25 years there is no tax , the rate is zero . Transfers are subject to tax auto premium not subject to estate tax .

Propertys Τransaction
Each transfer will become the second from January 1, 2006 will not be subject to property transfer tax or VAT . The first course will be subject to transfer . Apart from the case which became an act of purchasing property after 1st January 2006 and later erected a building on the property , so the possible future sale will be subject to VAT . Such transfers , the latter transfers ie , after the repeal of the estate tax are subject to a transaction fee incurred by the buyer and which is set at 1% of the value of the property or security interest on the property.

Real Estate Transfer Tax
The tax is calculated on the value of the contract , as determined by the buyers solicitor, and filed in the appropriate chief DOY owned the property with 8% for amounts up to twenty thousand euro ( 20,000 ) part of the value and 10 % in excess of the amount of this part. When the properties are located in areas that exists Fire Department, and must add fee of 2 % for the Fire Service and so the above rates are respectively formed in 10 % and 12 % . The provisions of Article 27, paragraph 1 . para . c D. Law 3033/1954 should favor municipalities additional 3% of the land transfer tax . The transfer tax on the value of the property shall be borne by the purchaser. Transfers of real property subject to estate tax , are exempt from automatic premium , transaction fee and property tax . Exemption from estate tax when buying a primary residence provided for in Article 1 N.1078/1980 and for married and unmarried adult individuals who are Greek residing permanently in Greece . By exception, exemption will be granted when buying a house , apartment or plot of Greeks or expatriates who have worked abroad for at least six years and enrolled in the countrys population register , even if they reside at the time of purchase permanently in Greece . The purchased apartment or plot should be buildable and located within the approved street plan of the municipality . In order to provide the tax exemption should the buyer or his / her spouse or minor children do not have:
( 1 ) Right full ownership or usufruct or habitation to another house or apartment that meets the housing needs of the family
( 2 ) The right to full ownership of land or buildable land ideal share in the corresponding area of ​​the building that meets the housing needs and are in a municipality with a population of over 3,000 residents .
Moreover according to the per.15 Article 1 of N.1078/1980 , as replaced by the provisions of paragraph 5 of Article 10 of L.3091/2002 , if the buyer or his spouse or minor children are entitled full ownership or usufruct or habitation in a residence or ideal share house or full ownership right to land or ideal share land deemed covered by paragraph 1 of this Article residential purposes , if the total area of these properties is 70sqm , 20sqm increased by for each of the first two children , and 25sqm for the third and each subsequent child whose custody is the beneficiary .

When excluding the housing needs of the buyer with a disability of at least 67 % rise in 90sqm .

It should be noted that the exemption is granted only when the market in exchange for full ownership of 100 % house , apartment or plot . The exemption shall be granted once.
According to paragraph 4 of Article 2 of N.3634/2008 which amended the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 1 of N.1878/1980 , exemption from the estate tax provided for housing market area or to 200sqm plot in which corresponds to area residence with 200sqm regardless of their value . The area is increased by 25sqm for the third and each subsequent minor children . custody of the buyer , or children with a disability of at least 67 % . If the purchased property exceeds the upper area , the exemption shall be granted up to the value corresponding to this area .

Single Property
Flat fee real estate established by N.3634/2008 and paid by the year 2008 and for each subsequent year , flat fee real estate in RTDI who have physical and legal persons on the 1st January each year and are in Greece .

The factor by which to calculate the single end ( RTDI ) set at 0.1 % for properties of individuals , 0.6 % for real estate entities and 0.1 % for owner-occupied properties for the production or commercial activity of legal persons .

The concept of real estate including property rights and full or bare ownership or usufruct property , and the right to exclusive use of residence or business premises , garages , storage areas and pool .

Exempted from the charge to the principal residence of 200sqm or objective value to 300,000 euros. The exemption is not granted to natural persons residing abroad .

Especially for 2008 , in terms of natural persons is exempt from the RTDI the house with the greatest value , whether it is primary . Since 2009 , however , this is changing , as the taxpayer is required in 2008 to notify the IRS uses what property as a primary residence .

As a basis for the calculation of RTDI will use the objective values ​​of property , valid 1/1/2008 .

The first home or purchase a primary residence completely exempted from transfer tax and the real estate transfer fee . The exemption applies , however , for properties with a maximum surface area to 200sqm , which increased by 25sqm for the third and each subsequent minor children whose custody is the beneficiary .

The first dwellings of natural persons is exempt from the flat fee property , when not exceeding 200sqm or the assessed value of 300,000 euros. That is, if the size of the dwelling exceeding 200 square meters or the value of the 300mm . euro , the excess amount is subject to RTDI .

Notarial fees charged to the buyer and rise from 1.20 % to 2 % of the contract value. Moreover , if the seller or the buyer of the property they wish to be represented by another person signing a contract must ensure the punctuality relevant notarial proxy.

Expenses Transfer Contract Purchase
Transcribed to the purchase contract in the relevant Land Registry or Land Office , the buyer is obliged to pay 4.75 thousandth of the price or the assessed value at the Land Registry or 5.75 thousandth of the price or the assessed value of the Lands Office purchase agreement contract whichever value is greater.

Attorney Fees
For purchase of more than 11,740 euros required performance lawyer the seller and the buyer. The minimum legal wage each , amounting to 1% for the first 44,020 euros and 0.5 % of the amount to 1,467,351 euros. The rate gradually decreases for the remainder of the purchase price . The buyer shall bear and pay his lawyer for the control of securities. The legal fees for auditing the securities are priced depending on the file of the investigation.

The brokerage fee from the broker time lag equal to 2 % of the actual price and charged with 23% VAT . Payment is due upon signing the contract.